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Should You Buy a Car or SUV? | Newport News, VA

Cars have been the vehicle of choice for many drivers in Newport News over the past decades. But in recent years, SUVs have surged in popularity, becoming a trendy choice for families who want extra cargo space and capability. But is an SUV the best choice for everyone? Here’s a look at the differences between SUVs and cars to help you decide which type of vehicle is right for you.

Differences in size

Of the two vehicle types, the vast majority of SUVs are larger than sedans — especially in height. As SUVs are designed to provide more cargo space than cars, they tend to be boxier in shape, thus maximizing the cubic feet of cabin space.

While it may seem obvious that the larger vehicle type is better to drive, do you need a big vehicle? Consider the size of your garage, driveway, and neighborhood streets. Would they fit a big SUV? Keep in mind that larger SUVs are harder to park, store, and maneuver through Virginia traffic.

Differences in build

True SUVs are fundamentally different than cars because they’re constructed differently from the ground up. Cars have unibody constructions that are lighter and offer better handling, ride comfort, and protection in crashes. True SUVs have body-on-frame designs that are better for driving off-road and towing heavy trailers.

Just keep in mind that crossover SUVs are not true SUVs because they share the same unibody platforms as sedans rather than body-on-frame constructions that trucks and true SUVs have.

Differences in fuel efficiency

The larger size of SUVs also impacts their fuel economy. The extra weight requires more work from the engine — and sometimes a larger engine — to get the SUV up to high speeds on the highway. On average, most sedans are lighter in weight, which translates to lower MPG rates than SUVs when traveling in similar circumstances.

Although many SUVs have large V6 engines that produce more horsepower and torque, that also means they burn through fuel much quicker. Do you need that extra power, or would you prefer to save money by not burning through gasoline as quickly?

Differences in cost

An SUV’s larger size, bigger engine, and greater strength typically lead to a higher price. You’re getting more on an SUV, but it’s consequently costing you more — even if you buy a used SUV from Casey Auto. Again, it’s important to consider how necessary it is to spend extra money.

Whether you decide to buy a car or an SUV, we have a large selection of low-priced vehicles in stock — from hatchbacks and sports coupes to crossovers and full-size SUVs. We’ll help you find one that fits your needs and budget.

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